Image of kid from Congo
ChildHope helps support an orphanage in Congo.

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Somebody Needs your love!

giving hope to children and their families
Orphan boys
These boys are well-cared for at the orphanage in Congo.

An example of hope

The Intsheum Protestant Orphanage and medical dispensary near Idiofa cares for 45 residents and 29 other children who receive daily meals. The residents receive shelter, food, clothing, medical care, education, and life skills training in a loving environment.

“Three strikes and...”

images of RuthyRuthy, this tiny 7-year-old from the Congo, already has three strikes against her—malaria, tuberculosis, and malnourishment. Whether she strikes out or has a chance in the game of life depends on you and me acting quickly.

Notice Ruthy’s thin legs and arms and the pleading hopelessness in her eyes. She weighs only 15 pounds.

Ruthy was brought to the Haller Orphanage in Intshuem when her parents could no longer even feed her, let alone provide for all her medical needs. Mark Haller, the director, had little choice but to take her in, feed and bathe her, and rush her to the hospital—many miles away, over rutty old roads and through dangerous rebel-held territory.

Ruthy is just one of the 49 desperately needy children presently cared for by Mark and his helpers. ChildHope has been supporting their heroic efforts for over 50 years. We dare not fail them now.

Will you help us provide the financial support necessary to keep the orphanage open so that the lives of children like fragile little Ruthy can be saved?


ChildHope is a respected, proven, cost-efficient charity providing food, shelter, clothing, education and medicine to hurting children. You can make a difference by bringing hope to a child.

We help children and we also help their parents by providing a home, education, medical care, seeds and simple tools, training in nutrition and hygiene, and work skills.

ChildHope provides whatever is necessary for needy children
to experience a different and better life.


ChildHope is an affiliate of the Centre for the Study of Biblical Research (CSBR), which provices personnel and management services free of charge. Because of this affiliation, ChildHope’s overhead was kept to a low 0.9% last year.